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We have been getting into a build that is new with washer/dryer hookups (although we continue steadily to try to find just the right spot to purchase). The landlord states we have to work with a licensed plumber to link a washer and dryer, which seems overkill for me. Any ideas on just just what this may price?

I have to determine them or not if I should challenge.

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I recently purchased a collection from Sears. Washer install comes totally totally free with delivery, and I also paid $180 for electric dryer installation (we’re stacking them and there’s some venting that is extended run, plus i recently want to buy done).

If you should be purchasing a brand new set, the shop where you purchase it has installers. Having said that the inventors from Sears whom installed our washer and dryer had been pretty hopeless.

The landlord shall provide a washer/dryer for $50/month, or we are able to provide ourselves along with his approval. I might would rather purchase a group for that much, not them connected if I have to pay $180-$200 to have. But he slipped when you look at the licensed plumber bit — I’m not sure if that is simply being overly careful on their component or even influence us to lease them from him.

He is apparently trying to protect himself whenever possible — but has consented to drop various other clauses therefore is probably being reasonable about any of it.

We have challenged re: the washer/dryer, and I also think our company is agreeing that I’m able to result in the connections and then he may have their upkeep people or super check to ensure it appears okay. Looking forward to his verification.

I’m maybe perhaps not certain that it is fuel or electric for the dryer. I might be much more stressed making a gas connection…

We doubt an authorized plumber will do just about anything for $100.

Additionally, wait moment, this really is a leasing. Is not the landlord accountable?

That’s hilarious, it yourself since you could do. When there is gas, though, you need to be certain it is done precisely plus they utilize gasoline pipeline dope.

A licensed plumber won’t price quite definitely. They’ll ask you for their minimum — $180 or $200 or whatever their minimum is.

Does the building have actually an excellent? Frequently they are doing things such as this, and also you tip them $40.

Seek advice from P.C. Richards. They usually have affordable prices on installations. We agree totally that installation just isn’t rocket technology however some social individuals don’t prefer to do it and/or don’t want to be accountable if one thing leakages.

In the event that hookups is there it is possible to link all however the fuel your self. Linking the gasoline will not need a plumber that is licensed. It is overkill. E-mail me personally at lcapland at gee mail dot com for the right rates on washers and dryers. Recommendations available should they are needed by you.

Seems like an over-controlling landlord to me personally (and I also have always been one). I’d comply merely to keep carefully the comfort (you can proabably get yourself a plumber to get it done at under $100), but, honestly, I’d be wary about difficulty later on with every issue that is minor.

It’s definitely overkill let’s assume that the hook-ups that are original in spot and had been done precisely. Truthfully, exactly exactly how tough could it be to screw in 2 hoses and connect the drain hose? Now you simply have to determine what comfort together with your landlord will probably be worth. Would he understand in the event that you just made it happen yourself and said you had an authorized plumber can be bought in? Is he some of those landlords that are crazy’s going to bust your chops about everything, or perhaps is he simply covering their butt in the event one thing goes incorrect?

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