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Let me make it clear about Guidance papers

Let me make it clear about Guidance papers

To print an index that is complete the topic matter associated with Department’s currently applicable Administrative foibles and Guidance Documents, click the link for the PDF variation.


  1. Powers of a State BankSets forth the powers of the bank that is state-chartered defines products or services a state-chartered bank can offer.
  2. Loan manufacturing workplaces in NebraskaPertains to loan manufacturing workplaces in Nebraska and includes explanations of their different aspects of interest.
  3. Charge card Banking institutions in NebraskaContains a listing of concerns and responses credit that is regarding banking institutions in Nebraska.
  4. Bank and Bank Branch Naming PolicySets forth policies in regards to the usage and approval of this chartered title of a bank, the names of most bank workplaces utilized inside the State of Nebraska, therefore the regulations prohibiting the usage confusingly comparable names by bank workplaces into the community that is same county.
  5. Re re Payment of charges to an Insider of a BankCovers the dilemmas surrounding the re payment of charges up to a bank insider.
  6. Formal and casual Administrative ActionsDescribes formal and casual administrative action procedures, including corrective action procedures, as they relate genuinely to bank assessment results.
  7. Capital ComputationDefines exactly exactly exactly exactly what “primary money” is, for purposes of computing capital at a state-chartered bank.
  8. Violations of Banking StatutesBriefly defines the way the Department reacts to civil and unlawful banking statute violations.
  9. Loan LimitsSets forth policies concerning the maximum quantity a bank might loan to a client.
  10. Livestock LoansSets forth policies regarding guidelines and limitations regarding loans guaranteed by livestock.
  11. Inclusion of Nonledger Assets in Total Amount Loaned Under State Lending LimitsPertains towards the remedy for ledger and nonledger assets within the line that is same of.
  12. Participation LoansSets forth policies in connection with purchase and renewal of involvement loans.
  13. Lending Limits Where Bank’s Capital DeclinesDiscusses lending restrictions for a bank that experiences a decrease in bank money and includes examples for further clarification.
  14. Other genuine EstateContains policies regarding a bank’s acquisition of other real-estate.
  15. Standard bank Bond CoverageContains policies regarding standard bank relationship protection as required because of the Nebraska Banking Act.
  16. Disclosure of Information to Bonding CompaniesCovers the sorts of disclosures of data that may or is not made to bonding organizations.
  17. External Auditors and privacy of exams along with other MaterialsSets forth policies that assist external auditors of the institution that is financial the coordination and interaction of data with examiners.
  18. Reaction Program/Notification Unauthorized Access to Customer InformationContains policies for banking institutions about the utilization of a reply system in the eventuality of an information protection breach and establishes the necessity to inform the Department of a information protection breach.


  1. Community Development Investments: A Banker’s Guide BrochureA pamphlet for bankers containing basic details about community development assets.
  2. Financial Institution Directors: Duties & Responsibilities ManualA manual meant to assist people in the board of directors of a lender to betterunderstand their duties and duties.
  3. Executive Officer’s FAQAnswers typical concerns concerning the certification of bank administrator officers.



  1. Conference of State Bank Supervisors—Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Product RisksDiscusses lender’s obligations concerning nontraditional home loans.
  2. Illustrations of Consumer informative data on Nontraditional Mortgage ProductsProvides examples to aid mortgage bankers and home loan originators to know the guidance and also to satisfy their responsibilities concerning mortgage that is nontraditional.
  3. Conference of State Bank Supervisors—Statement on Subprime Mortgage LendingDiscusses lender’s responsibilities subprime that is concerning loans.
  4. Home loan Originator License repair, Renewal, and Surrender FAQsAnswers typical concerns concerning upkeep, renewal, and surrender of home loan originator licenses.
  5. Real estate loan Originator License Application Process FAQsAnswers typical concerns concerning the application form procedure for real estate loan originator licenses.
  6. General Licensing often Asked QuestionsAnswers common concerns mortgage that is concerning originators and certification.
  7. Home loan Banker and MLO Help With Temporary Branch Relocations
  8. Temporary Branch Relocation Form


  1. Installment application for the loan General Hearing QuestionsContains commonly asked hearing questions and subjects for Installment Loan License Application hearings.
  2. Installment Loan Licensing FAQsA selection of commonly expected concerns and responses about the Nebraska Installment Loan Act.


  1. Determining optimum Service Fee that will Be Charged By Delayed Deposit LicenseesDiscusses the strategy for determining the utmost costs which get to be charged by delayed deposit services organizations.
  2. Concept of “Maker”Discusses certain requirements of this work as they relate to jointly owned standard bank reports.
  3. Concept of “Check”; Presentment; Penalty Charges; PrepaymentDiscusses the demands associated with Act linked to depositing checks, authorizations to electronically debit accounts, notices to clients, prepayments, while the penalty fees that could be charged for checks came back funds that are nonsufficient.
  4. Way of PaymentDiscusses the Act’s prohibition of asking an individual extra charges or costs whenever spending the arises from a delayed deposit solutions deal.
  5. Holding of ChecksDiscusses certain requirements of this behave as they relate to presenting checks as well as the thirty-four day period that is holding.
  6. Assortment of Returned Checks; Partial Collection PaymentsDiscusses the collection options for checks came back for nonsufficient funds, like the usage of ACH and number of partial things, allowable costs, and needed customer notices.
  7. Collection products; Documentation RequiredDiscusses the records which should be retained by licensees associated with collection efforts on checks came back for nonsufficient funds.
  8. Utilization of the Terms “Loan” and “Payday Loan”Discusses the conditions under which delayed deposit services licensees might use the terms “loans” and “payday loans” to explain their company in marketing.
  9. Extensive re re Payment PlanDiscusses certain requirements of this Act concerning Extensive repayment Plans (“EPP”), including amendment associated with the delayed deposit agreement, regards to an EPP, and prepayment of an EPP.
  10. Rescission; RedemptionDiscusses a maker’s straight to rescind a deposit that is delayed, a maker’s directly to redeem a delayed deposit transaction, and a maker’s directly to rescind an authorization for electronic re re re payment.
  11. Army Personnel, Spouses and DependentsDiscusses limits regarding delayed deposit deals offered to military workers, their partners, and dependents beneath the Act together with federal Military Lending Act of 2006.


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