12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

Concern up to a 12V Guru

Possibly one item that the guru may prefer to address is the addition of the caravan that is second to a preexisting caravan 12V system that presently has only one home battery. exactly What shall we think about whenever evaluating the ability to accept the battery that is additional seeking the brand new battery, plus the fitting and wiring? For guide caravan, may a Jayco is suggested by me Silverline?

All the best, Bob Murray

12V Guru answers

Many thanks for the concern. Numerous RVers find one battery is not enough to service their demands, specially on a van such as for example a Silverline where there are lots of devices.

Join the batteries in parallel

To own a two battery set-up, it is important to join the batteries in ‘parallel’ where in fact the terminals that are positive connected together and likewise because of the negative. Utilize cable that is thick as 8.4mm2 (AWG 8) and quality battery pack lugs. a synchronous configuration increases the capability of one’s system in Amps and keeps the nominal voltage at 12V DC, which can be exactly what your van needs. Therefore, two 12V 100Ah batteries joined up with in this way offers you 200Ah ability at 12V.

Maximise the worthiness of the big system

To increase the worthiness whenever establishing a more substantial system, make sure you have actually two batteries regarding the exact same chemistry, age and also make. Various battery pack chemistries such as for example AGM, gel, calcium have different charging voltage needs and you also could not obtain the two batteries correctly charged to do something as you. Likewise, a cycle that is deep in synchronous having a starter (cranking) battery are affected as you will find construction distinctions internally during these batteries.

Batteries naturally degrade with time and their ability decreases, so a mature battery pack with a brand new one will perhaps not provide performance that is optimum. Aligning these factors will permit the battery to use as one large bank along with cells when you look at the same condition.

Failing that, a battery that is unbalanced can cause the batteries or their interior cells to not get a straight number of the existing as a result of various internal opposition, which leads to some other part of the zoosk promo code battery bank getting various amounts of present. As an example, a bank composed of a battery that is three-year-old with age and new a battery won’t cost evenly over the various stages of recharging. Which means state of fee (SOC) will change regardless if the new battery pack is exactly the same brand name and chemistry.

Therefore in a nutshell, to update your battery pack system up to a higher capacity that is amp would be most useful to purchase 2 to 3 brand new batteries of the identical brand name and chemistry, utilize the more substantial quality cable, fuse accordingly and make certain your charger is effective at fulfilling your needs. To make sure your brand-new battery bank will be with the capacity of being completely charged consider a DC-DC charger or the addition of a setup that is solar.

Lithium setup choice

Needless to say, often there is a choice of upgrading one’s body to your latest Lithium setup Jayco has simply released, which will imply that with just one battery pack you might have double the Amp capacity, longer life, less than half the extra weight and a smaller billing time—but it comes down at a price!

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